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I would like to rent an apartment, what do I do?
To rent one of my inviting luxury nests, you should sign up for my personal newsletters. I will keep you informed about the development of my building process, so once I am ready you will be one of the first people to know! The rental starts on 30 July 2018.  Register for an apartment in your own account on iamlatona.nl. The registration form will be in Dutch, so make sure you have sufficient command of the language. During your registration you can let us know which 3 to 10 apartments you prefer. After signing up I will review your registration and your preferences. I will keep you informed by e-mail or an apartment is assigned to you.


Is there a fee for subscribing and/ or mediation?
Of course not! I like that you are interested in me and will treat you as my royal guest. The only thing I ask of you is that you will deposit the first month of rent and the security deposit by internet banking after signing the rental agreement.


Can I receive housing benefits?
I am sorry, my apartments are rented in the private rental sector. Therefore, it is not possible to receive housing benefits.


Can I get a sneak peek?
So, I have your attention? That pleases me.

I would love for you to come visit me, but right now I am not ready yet. Everything has to be perfect for your arrival. As soon as I am ready for viewings, I will write to you in one of my personal newsletters.

How much do I have to earn to live with you?
To rent one of my apartments, I have to know you can afford it. So, I made some guidelines for you:


Are you employed?
Single: Your monthly income before taxes should be 3.5 times the base rent.

Couple: Your jointly monthly income before taxes should be 3.5 times the base rent, with a minimum of 1.5 times the base rent.

Let me show you: when the rent is € 1,400 per month, then the income before taxes should be a minimum of € 4,900. When you would like to rent with somebody else, the joined income before taxes should be a minimum of € 4,900 per month. The person with the lowest salary should have a minimum income before taxes of € 2,100 per month.


Do you have your own business?
Self-employed individuals are subject to the same income guidelines as non-self-employed applicants. The gross yearly income is the multiannual average of the net profit (revenue minus operating expenses) from the business.


Are you retired?
For retired residents, the income demands are the same as for employed applicants. I see how you pay around 30% fewer taxes on your income, so I am prepared to make things a little easier for you: your yearly income will be 100% x 130. The amount after calculating this is leading for the income guideline.


Do you have some money saved?
When you have own funds, 10% of this amount will be added to your gross yearly income.

Assignment of my apartments will be procured by the renter.


I am a student, can I rent an apartment?
No, you can only indulge in my apartments when you have sufficient income for the means test, which allows a maximum of two joined incomes.


Can I share an apartment with a friend or colleague?
Getting cosy together hm? I can totally envision it… Wait, sorry, I didn’t mean that. But yes, of course you can move in together. Just make sure you meet the income guidelines.


How will the apartments be allocated?
Allocation of the apartments will take place based on the income requirements, availability, completion of your files, your preferences and the amount of applications for the same apartments. I will inform you by e-mail or an apartment is assigned to you. Is no apartment assigned to you but do you meet the requirements? Then I put you on my reserve list.

What will be the rents?
The rental prices have now been determined. The apartments are fully upholstered with luxury finishes and high-quality materials. Do you have an account? Then I will send you the rental prices by e-mail.


Are there service charges besides the rent?
Yes, there are additional service costs. You will be charged around €75,- a month to maintain the shared commodities, including the main garden, the elevator and waste collection. Besides that, you will also pay for your own gas, water and electricity usage. You have the freedom to choose your own provider and contracts with utility companies.


How about parking spots?
There is one parking spot available per apartment. This price is not included in the rent. It will be separately rented for €100,- a month.


How long do I have to stay?
The minimum time that you can enjoy my company is one year. When that year is over I am sure you won’t want to leave, but if you do, this is how it works. Just send me a letter to end our leasing agreement with one calendar month notice.

When can I move in?
Beauty can’t be rushed, but I expect to be ready for my residents in December 2018. As this date approaches, I will know more about the exact completion date. Please subscribe to my letters and I will personally let you know more.


Can I choose my own kitchen and bathroom finish?
No, the living spaces will already be fully equipped with luxury kitchens and bathrooms. But you can trust me, I have excellent taste and even though I am named after an ancient Roman goddess, I am very modern at heart! I will pick out nothing but the best for you.


What is the finish on the walls and ceilings?
Like I said, only the best for my guests! The walls and ceilings will get a touch of light colours. I see sophisticated wall finish, painted in a light colour, luxury tiles in the bathroom and lavatory. Come feel the texture! I will be ready and waiting for you.


Is there lighting?
My homes all have wonderfully luxurious energy-efficient LED lighting built-in. Are you pleased? Of course, you can always add your own touch and bring some extra lamps, but it’s not necessary.


“I am light. I am inviting.”


Is there a separate storage room?
All apartments have their own storage room in my basement. Some of my living spaces even have their own storage space indoors!


“Leave your address. I’ll be ready soon.”

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