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I would like to rent an apartment, what should I do?
Good to hear you are interested in renting at Latona. Available homes are shown in the property finder. Nothing available? Don’t worry, you can still apply by sending us an e-mail. See something that you love? Easily register by sending us an email on huren@bridgesre.nl, containing the following details:

• The house number of the (available) house you prefer; and
• A number of documents, depending on your income situation:


• Copy of proof of identity
• Last three salary slips
• Explanation or motivation (optional)


Own business
• Copy of proof of identity
• Extract from registration with the Chamber of Commerce
• Annual reports own business of the last 3 years
• Explanation or motivation (optional)


• Copy of proof of identity
• AOW award certificate
• Retirement statement (to be requested from www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl)
• Explanation or motivation (optional)


• Print screen/copy of bank statement showing proof of savings/equity
• Explanation or motivation (optional)

Team Bridges Wonen will keep you informed by email.


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Can I receive a rent subsidy?
My apartments are let in the free sector. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to receive a rent subsidy.


Can I come and see one of the apartments?
Interested in one of my available homes? Fantastic! The Bridges Wonen team would be happy to welcome you for a tour. No properties available? Let the Bridges Wonen team know you’re interested. They will contact you as soon as a space opens up.


Bridges Real Estate
030 – 204 50 14

What are the income requirements to rent at Latona?
To rent one of my apartments, resident(s) must meet some income requirements:


Are you employed by an employer?
Renting on your own: An average gross monthly income (including vacation pay and allowances) of at least 3.5 times the basic monthly rent.

Renting together: A joint average gross monthly income (including vacation allowance and extra’s) of at least 3.5 times the basic monthly rent. The income of the person earning the least must equal at least 1.5 times the basic monthly rent.

For example: If you want to rent alone and the rent is € 1.600,- per month, the average gross monthly income should be at least € 5.600,-. If you want to rent together, the average joint gross monthly income should also be at least € 5.600,-. The person with the lowest income should have a minimum gross monthly income of € 2.400,-.


Do you have your own business?
I love entrepreneurship! Do you have an average gross annual income of at least 3.5 times the basic annual rent? In that case, you are eligible to come live with me. Your gross annual income is calculated by averaging the net profit over the past three years. Net profit is sales from the business minus operating expenses.


Are you retired?
Enjoying your retirement in one of my luxury apartments? Retired residents are subject to the same income requirements as those who are salaried. I know that as a retiree, you pay 30% less tax on your income than someone who is salaried. Therefore, you may multiply the gross monthly income (AOW and pension(s)) by 1.3. We keep that amount as a guideline.


Have you saved money?
Do you fall just short of the above guidelines, but do you have equity? 10% of your equity can be added to your gross annual income. We keep a minimum of € 15.000,-.


I am a student, can I rent an apartment?
Yes, of course you can, but only if you meet the income test.


Can I share an apartment with my partner?
Of course you can live with your partner. As long as you’re sure you meet the income guidelines.

What are the rents?
The apartments are rented from € 1,525,- excl. service charges. They are delivered fully upholstered, with luxury finishes and only the highest quality materials.


Do I pay service charges in addition to the rent?
The service costs are € 100,- per month. I use this to maintain my common areas, including my garden, the hall, corridors and the maintenance of the elevator. You also pay monthly charges for district heating, water and electricity. You can purchase district heating from Eneco and Vitens is your supplier for water. For electricity, you are free to choose your own contract with a provider that suits you perfectly.


Are there parking spaces available?
On my private property, I have enough parking spaces for my residents. The price for a parking space is not included in the rent, but for € 100,- per month it is all yours.


What is the minimum rental period?
The minimum rental period is one year. Do you want to move out after this period? Send the Bridges Wonen team a letter or email, and make sure you cancel the lease at least two calendar months before your moving out date.


What is the level of finishing of the apartments?
Only the best is good enough for you! The walls and ceilings are shrouded in light tones. You will find beautifully painted walls and luxury tiles in the bathroom and toilet. In addition, my apartments all have built-in, energy-efficient LED lighting. Of course, you can always add a bit of your personal style with additional lighting, but it is not necessary.


Is there a separate storage space?
All of my apartments have their private and secure storage space in the basement. Some of my living spaces even have their own storage space in the house!

All information on this website has been compiled with the greatest care, yet Bridges Real Estate cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of its contents. Bridges Real Estate accepts no liability whatsoever for inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information provided.

Do you have any questions? First check the FAQ here to see if your question is listed. Is your question not listed? Leave a message below, call 030 – 204 50 14 or e-mail your question to huren@bridgesre.nl. Our rental agent Jennifer will contact you personally as soon as possible!